Dive Against Debris eLearning (including certification credit)



Item Number: 70551-1


DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS DIVER - Includes Online Certification

70551-1  Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning

Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning is a convenient way for student divers to complete the independent study portion of their AWARE – Dive Against Debris Diver specialty course from a laptop/desktop computer or mobile device.

The best experience is to study online, however, if students find themselves without internet for periods (such as when commuting or traveling) or have inconsistent, poor internet services, they can download content to study offline via the PADI Training app.

The PADI Training app is available for Apple® iOS devices and Android™ devices. It’s best if devices are no more than three generations old. Content can be downloaded for convenience with a total file size of approximately 45 MB.

Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning provides the basic knowledge about marine debris, the damage done, what it is, where it comes from and how divers are part of the solution. Divers learn the steps for conducting Dive Against Debris surveys and how to make surveys count by report the debris removed during dives, including the course’s one required dive.

Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning includes all of the required study materials for the specialty course including all assessments (Knowledge Review, Quick Check Questions, eRecord & certification credit.