New IDC Crewpak (Paper) with Slates and Backpack



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Available in these languages A, C, DU, E, F, G, IN, I, J, K, P, R, S, TH

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IDC Crewpak (Paper) with Slates and Backpack #60249

  1. Guide to Teaching
  2. Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Instructor Guide
  3. Project AWARE Specialty Instructor Guide
  4. Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Instructor Guide (TBR in 2020)
  5. OW Quizzes and Final Exam
  6. Rescue Diver Exams
  7. Divemaster Exams
  8. Diving Knowledge Workbook
  9. Card with Code includes 3 digital products below, IDC eLearning, OW PLG & GTT
  10. IDC eLearning (Digital)
  11. Open Water Prescriptive Lesson Guides (Digital)
  12. Guide to Teaching (Digital)


  1. Open Water Cue Card
  2. Confined Water Cue Cards
  3. AOW Cue Cards
  4. Rescue Cue Cards
  5. DM Cue Cards
  6. PADI Skill Practice and Dive Planning Slate - Plastic
  7. Skill Development Preparation Slate - Plastic
  8. PADI Backpack